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Apprentice Web Platform



Whether at home or at work, the website can be accessed at any time. It will work as good on a phone or Ipad as it will on a large pc.

Easy to Use

The web platform started as a means to keep accurate notes and have the features to make workflow easier. We simply find what we need.

Google Calendar

We can easily import our data from Google Calendar and keep life simpler by having all we need under one roof.

Multiplpe Users

Complete ACL system with access for levels like admin, members and users! Let a team make and share info to keep things easier.

  • Responsive clean design
  • User friendly
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4.1.X

What Is This?


As an apprentice myself, I found I needed a good way to keep track of notes and procedures. Since starting and doing an apprenticeship has all these new, foreign tasks, tips and tools and that can make one's head spin, I did notice that I could not retain 100% of an experience each and every time, no matter how hard I tried.

Therefore, in order to be more effective and competent, I found the need to have a strong online source that I could reference and use for note taking. When we write good notes that are specific to our employer, we better the grasp and have the best 'how-to' source possible.

Therefore, in seconds we can see our notes on how our employer want a procedure like a new HRV system installed, rather than watching 4 Youtube videos and reading 6 websites showing different methods that are just not part of our system.

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About This


For whatever reason, I sent out a bunch of emails hoping to make a change into plumbing. With an interest in hydroponics and piping, it was the one trade I had caught my interest since many years ago.

With that said, I came from a background of working in the bush and web development. Although there was a time when I liked putting on slacks and coding all day, the novelty wore off after several years. Meanwhile, I never mentally got tired of working in the bush with ever-changing scenery. But, it was quite tiring for an older guy like me.

Thus, when I got the call to start plumbing and giving it a try, I jumped in with two feet. Since being an apprentice can be demanding, cutting down on learning time and mistakes is the essence behind this web platform. Hopefully, it can help others!

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